Do You Care if Your Designer is a Man or a Woman?

Do You Care If Your Designer Is a Man or a Woman? As a woman in what has been, until recently, a traditionally male dominated industry, I am very encouraged to see more and more women choosing careers as contractors, builders, designers, architects and remodelers. I look forward to the day when there are as […]

Get Exactly What You Want From Your Renovation

Get Exactly What You Want from Your Renovation We are fortunate in our area to have no short supply of qualified contractors to make our renovation dreams a reality.  Knowing which one is right for your project and will carry out your dreams can be a bit more of a challenge.  Fortunately there are a […]

Aging in Place

Aging in Place: Another Buzz Phrase in Design? Aging in place, just another buzz phrase in the world of design?  Like other design phrases ‘green design’ ‘transitional’ it has caught on, and caught the attention of many homeowners.  Unlike green design, aging in place does not come with a choice.  We are all aging and […]