Impact of COVID on Design

Impact of COVID on Design Homeowners have become more willing to invest in their homes, and design trends have been directly influenced by the combination of work and school from home, plus the need for sanitation. Some of the trends include: Easy-to-clean surfaces For obvious reasons, there has been an emphasis on easy-to-clean products and […]

2021 Design Trends

Upcoming Design Trends in 2021 As we enter 2021, we will continue to see a focus on outdoor spaces and bringing the outside in.  Light, warm colors Warm colors will be on trend with more use of green, light woods from Scandinavian inspiration, and contemporary navy blue. These warm colors will be paired with a […]

Kitchens: The Heart of the Home

Kitchens: The Heart of the Home Kitchens have experienced significant changes over the past thirty years as house plans become more open and entertainment is centered more around food and beverage.  With the increased emphasis on how kitchens are utilized; materials have changed significantly as well.    Surfaces: Countertops, tile backsplash and all other wall cladding […]

Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Mix Patterns Like a Pro Textiles are a wonderful way to make a big impact in your home without undertaking a major construction project.  Pillows, rugs, drapes or other fabric window treatments add a pop of color, texture and pattern that can bring a bland room to life.  Here are some easy tips to follow […]

2020: The Year of the Home

NW Design House home page image featuring CR Laine furniture

2020: The Year of the Home 2020 will forever be the year that HOME took on a whole new meaning.   Each of us experienced the stay at home order in a myriad of ways, but the one universal truth is that our enjoyment of HOME is part of the fabric of WHO WE ARE.  […]

A Million Shades of Grey… Or is it Grey?

A Million Shades of Grey… Or Is It Grey? Grey is a neutral color that designers have used long before it became the color of the decade.  No doubt if you have introduced grey into your interior design palette you may have noticed all greys are not created equal.  Here are a few things that […]

Trend Predictions for 2020

Design Trends in 2020 Nature untouched:  Leave natural materials in their natural state.  Let the beauty of the natural materials in your home shine by using neutral stains, glazes and sealants.  Texture your world:  Select textured surfaces over bold patterning.  Carpet and rugs with varying pile, wallpapers with varying depths and mixed weaves on fabrics. […]

Your Child’s Bedroom

Blue child's bedroom

Your Child’s Bedroom Your kiddo’s room is often the only space they can call their own.  Gifting them a room make-over for a birthday or Christmas is fun and offers an opportunity to spend time together in a creative project.  Here are some ideas for gifting a customized space:  Paint the walls a fun color […]

Spring Makeover

Grand piano at the focus of the living room

Spring Makeover Finally! It’s time to throw open the windows and say farewell to winter. With longer, warmer days it’s normal to feel the stirrings of wanting to give your home a makeover.  Especially if your décor hasn’t changed since you moved in!  Take a short break from your normal routine and think about the […]

Color is… In Living Color… Color Your World!

Color Is… in Living Color… Color Your World Can you guess the most asked about design quandary?   That’s right, color!  “What color should I paint my house?”  “I just purchased new bedding and want to paint my bedroom.” “We are building our dream home, where do I begin?”  We’ve all been there, and while […]