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About Us

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Our Story

Design house was born from the concept that every home deserves great design. Our founder, Heather Van Eyk, grew up with a passion for textiles and color. In college she fueled that passion and combined it with the knowledge and understanding of construction. After graduation, Heather started her own company with intentions of shaking up the interior design world. She created Design House so that she could offer interior design that was affordable, sustainable, and personal.

our philosophy

We believe that hiring a designer should not be complicated. Design should be fun and provide a unique experience customized to each homeowner. We celebrate the individuality of our clients and believe a space should capture their spirit. Additionally, we care about our community. While providing one of a kind designs to our customers we are mindful of our environmental impact. Design House is conscious of how wasteful the interior design industry so we source products that withstand the ages.


“At Design House we approach design differently. We put you in the driver's seat and help you develop and understand your own style. We partner with you to create a space that is uniquely yours.”

- Heather Van Eyk, Founder & Designer

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